Drive HVAC Efficiency with IoT

03/22/2017 |


Roofing Results - Presented by BUILDINGS
Published by by BUILDINGS


Roofing Results - Presented by BUILDINGS

How this rapidly evolving technology enables tighter control and improved comfort.

Sponsor 14 Cyber Threats to Watch for in 2017
Report investigates cybercrime trends and predicts what the future may hold for web security protection.
Retail FM Bolstered by IoT
New technology will drive changes in multi-site facilities management.
Cybersecurity for IoT-Connected Products
Program tests products and systems to eliminate vulnerabilities.
5 Ways IoT Improves Business
Microsoft and the Smart Cities Council outline how IoT delivers value to FMs.
Products & Resources
Sponsor Bractlet
IoT sensors.
Sponsor ELIOT
IoT program.
Sponsor Markar Power over Ethernet (PoE) Continuous Hinge
Pass data through door hinge.
Sponsor Arlo Go
Wire-free mobile HD security camera.
Sponsor Laying the Groundwork for IoT Innovation
In 2015, Cisco created the “openBerlin” platform: a fog computing platform to automate a three-story Cisco building in Berlin.
Sponsor IntelaSun Catalog
Smart shading system cuts glare, harvests daylight.
Sponsor Preferred Freezer Services Saves Money, Improves Quality and Safety with LED Lighting
In 2016, Preferred Freezer Services, the New Jersey based global leader in public refrigerated warehousing, advanced their transition from traditional lighting to LED.
Sponsor Connectrac Corporate Solutions: Paganini Electric Corporation
Paul Ornelas, Service Manager for Paganini Electric Corporation in San Francisco, CA, had a project where traditional cable management solutions such as core drilling and the use of floor monuments were not a viable solution.
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