Florida Planet Fitness Achieves Net-Zero Energy Status

09/01/2017 |

Solar power sustains this St. Petersburg club

A Planet Fitness club in St. Petersburg, FL, became the company’s first net-zero facility after becoming 99.5% reliant on sustainable solar power.

The building was retrofitted to incorporate clean, renewable energy into the building’s new design. In a partnership with Tampa-based Solar Energy Management, the fitness center was outfitted with 179 kW of solar panels for the 20,000-square-foot facility, which includes a solar power canopy and solar roof system built into the facility’s infrastructure.

In addition to the implementation of solar, the facility’s new energy-conscious design includes lighting upgrades, providing LED fixtures throughout the building.

The building’s new emphasis on energy efficiency will also eliminate more than 5,600 tons of carbon dioxide, which is equal to planting more than 130,000 trees. Moreover, the facility’s monthly energy bill will see a 99% reduction.

“Retrofitting the Planet Fitness location is truly a breakthrough and the first of its kind to provide affordable solar power in Florida,” says Scott McIntyre, CEO of Solar Management. “Having converted this building to zero energy will allow for significant energy savings for years to come.”

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