How Energy-Efficient Is Your Community?

10/01/2017 |

Use this self-scoring tool to compare initiatives and operations with peers


This sample result from the Self-Scoring Tool demonstrates how the user’s scores stack up against the median results for larger cities in the annual City Scorecard. The tool also generates a detailed table that allows users to see where their community performs best and where more improvement is needed.

Do your community’s energy efficiency efforts measure up to those of its peers? A new tool by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) can help you find out.

The Local Energy Efficiency Self-Scoring Tool consists of seven Excel spreadsheets that let you evaluate local government operations, community-wide initiatives, buildings-related policies, energy and water utilities, and transportation policies. 

Respond to the questions in each of the five analysis areas to score your community, then turn to the last page to view your community’s cumulative score and compare it against median scores from the organization’s 2017 City Scorecard.

The tool is intended mainly for small and medium-size localities, as the largest U.S. cities are already accounted for in the annual City Scorecard. The comparisons help users put community energy efficiency into better perspective, measure progress over time as new policies are implemented and inform future decisions. 

The Local Energy Efficiency Self-Scoring Tool is available at

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