Learn More about Green-e Standards in Your Region

10/30/2017 |

New certification framework provides criteria for location-specific green energy

Green-e standards

The new region-based Green-e standards provide more consistent enforcement of renewable energy accountability from utilities, which help FMs maintain more oversight of sustainable actions in their facilities.

The Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) has established a new global energy certification framework that will help FMs identify whether their energy sources meet the baseline requirements for regional and country-specific Green-e standards.

The Green-e Framework for Renewable Energy Certification provides consistency for the Green-e program, which promotes the use of renewable energy via standards and certifications. The implementation of the new criteria will enforce renewable energy generation, transactions and use, while also addressing local stakeholder and market development goals.

The new criteria serves as a baseline for the more specific location-based Green-e standards while outlining the technical requirements for renewable energy transactions that take place through electric service providers, direct power purchase agreements and on-site generation. The following are required for Green-e certification:

  • Comes from newly created renewable electricity generation facilities
  • Meets resource-type eligibility screens to promote sustainable energy types
  • Contains all of the environmental attributes of the generation that can be owned, including all carbon dioxide attributes
  • Can consistently be used for Scope 2 emissions reporting
  • Fulfills the advertising claims made by the seller, is not sold more than once and is not claimed by any other end user
  • Is not counted against existing governmental renewable energy mandates

Under the new criteria, FMs will have a better understanding of their energy’s green impact relative to their region, and those that buy electricity from Green-e sources will have greater oversight of the sustainable efforts made at their facilities.

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