Resources for Repainting

10/30/2017 | By Chris Olson

Match the coating to your application or suffer the consequences

Resources for Repainting

For FMs, repainting may seem like a simple task – apply a fresh coat of the same. But the results may not be what they expected.

Even when the existing coating doesn’t show peeling or other problems, applying another coat may add weight that causes delamination of previous coats. Scoring an X on the surface, applying tape and then pulling it away will indicate the adhesion of the existing coating.

Discoloration and leaching on exterior coated surfaces can also be a problem that calls for particular primers, paints and sealants. Even a new surface or material like metal decking may have a manufacturer’s coating on it that would foil the application of paint.

Things that could go wrong are illustrated in a new resource from the Master Painting Institute (MPI), Maintenance Repainting Catalog of Defects and Failures. The booklet uses pictures to help identify problems in painting projects.

A more comprehensive resource is MPI’s Maintenance Repainting Manual, which describes all coating products (including wallcoverings), suggests evaluation and assessment methods, and explains how to prepare every surface for repainting.

Both resources are available at the MPI website, Free guide specifications for interior and exterior applications are available at

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