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11/30/2017 |

Comparative Building Costs: Senior Living Facilities

Senior Care Center

Senior Care Center 

Developed to serve low-income seniors, this residence sits in the middle of a 1.5-acre site near public transportation and a main thoroughfare. A quarter-acre courtyard features concrete patios and a gazebo for early morning sun-gazing. The 133 studio apartments and 6 two-bedroom units each include a kitchenette, accessible bathrooms and an emergency alert system. The masonry block walls are topped with multicolored brick skin and operational, double-hung windows let light in. The majority of the building is heated and cooled with baseboard radiation and through-wall air conditioning units, with supplemental rooftop air handling for common areas. 

Senior Apartments 

This 90,000-square-foot, eight-story apartment complex contains 100 affordable apartments for low-income seniors. The building is 14% more efficient than a building that merely meets code, due in part to high-efficiency lighting and plumbing systems. The interiors utilize low-VOC and high-recycled-content materials, while the exterior uses heat-reflective materials to reduce the heat island effect. A 7,000-square-foot green roof reduces runoff, and porous pavement and planter boxes in the courtyard provide additional stormwater management. Each floor level uses different colors to simplify wayfinding. All public spaces and 20% of all units are handicap-accessible.  

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