Modular Building Institute - International Non-Profit Trade Association Serving Modular Construction

02/01/2018 |

The Modular Building Institute (MBI) is the international non-profit trade association serving modular construction.

Members are manufacturers, contractors, and fleet owners in two distinct segments of the industry – permanent modular construction (PMC) and relocatable buildings (RB). Other members include architects, owners/developers, general contractors, and companies supplying building components, services and financing.

Modular construction is a process in which a building is constructed off-site, under controlled plant conditions, using the same materials and designing to the same codes and standards as conventionally built facilities – only in about half the time.

Buildings are produced in “modules” that, when put together on site, reflect the identical design intent and specifications of the most sophisticated site-built facilities – without compromise. MBI strives to keep up with the latest trends of the modular and offsite construction industry.

As the Voice of Commercial Modular Construction ™, it is MBI’s mission to expand the use of offsite construction through innovative construction practices, recognition of high quality modular designs and facilities, as well as outreach and education to the construction community and customers.

With the goal of introducing this innovative and exciting construction method to more students and interested parties, MBI partnered with Clemson University to develop Introduction to Commercial Modular Construction. This book discusses the modular building process compared to traditional site-built construction and is designed to help the reader understand terminology and concepts of modular building including client needs, design, and fabrication, transportation, and installation.

Introduction to Commercial Modular Construction is also available as a self-paced online course worth 1.5CEUs upon successful completion.

For more information on the book and course, or other industry resources, please visit our website.

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