Circumventing the Cost of Asbestos Abatement Renovations

06/01/2018 | By Staff Writer, Connectrac

Renovating a building shouldn’t put occupant health in jeopardy. Unfortunately, many buildings constructed before 1970 are likely candidates to contain asbestos. Left intact, asbestos-containing materials don’t pose a risk. But when these materials are disturbed, microscopic particles of asbestos become airborne. Breathing in this toxin can lead to life-threatening diseases for workers and building occupants alike.

It’s no surprise that EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) have highly regulated asbestos during building repairs and renovations and its abatement and demands specialized procedures.

Public and non-profit private schools even have their own distinct regulatory requirements for asbestos management in to ensure that no dust escapes into the air. While these safety measures are necessary, they are also expensive, which can put universities in a tight financial bind.

In situations like these, Connectrac® helps university facilities managers modernize their spaces without compromising their budgets.

College Campus Buildings

The flooring in many older college campus buildings either contains asbestos from its manufacturing process or was installed with asbestos-containing mastic — or both.  Sometimes these areas have been carpeted over, but the asbestos materials still lie dormant.  In this type of tile, even core drilling for electrical devices is very difficult and costly due to asbestos air-protection requirements.

In fact, one university cited that it would cost more than $50,000 to clean up six classrooms that contained asbestos-related materials.  Given the expense of abatement, it’s easier for building owners to leave the tile and carpeting in place. Yet universities must provide instructors and students with electrical access at increasing levels to accommodate today’s technology needs.

The Connectrac On-Floor Wireway system is exceptionally suited to these environments.  Our On-Floor Wireway installs on top of your carpeting or tile in a low-profile, ADA-compliant manner so there’s no need to disturb the flooring.

Electrical outlets and multiple connectivity cables become readily available through the wireway to improve classroom and lecture hall performance at a fraction of renovation costs.  In fact, all of our Connectrac wireways, including Under-Carpet, can be installed to be environmentally friendly in asbestos challenged spaces.

Universities can surmount the challenge of renovation budget limitations where asbestos is concerned with Connectrac options. Our wireways deliver you with great alternatives to keep costs down and help your college teaching environment excel.

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