Top Five Reasons Buildings Use Banners

08/01/2019 | By Barry Anders, Production Manager,

One of the more opportune advertising spots where signage can have a dramatic impact is located on the outside and inside of buildings in an urban setting. Whether you need to use banners for safety, to conceal a building's construction site, or you want to use building banners for advertising or branding, this list of top five reasons buildings use banners is sure to provide great ideas and insight.

1.) Perimeter Construction Fence Banners

During a building's construction, a chain link fenced perimeter is established to provide a barrier between construction and the community. In order to provide more privacy and to deter non authorized personnel, no trespassing notices and fence screens are attached to the fence. Contractors also like to attach banners to help brand their company and to announce the building's future purpose.

Before the technology of custom fence banners, contractors would resort to using blank PVC screens for privacy, hang traditional no trespassing signs, and use smaller banners to brand and announce the project. Today, contractors can easily print fence screen banners with no trespassing warnings, branding of the contractor's company, along with printed architectural renderings of the finished building, all on easy to install mesh vinyl material.

Custom fence banners are actually more economical than purchasing and installing multiple signs due to the extra installation labor involved. Today's solution is much easier to cover the entire perimeter of a construction site quickly and provide a more professional visual impact to the surrounding area. 

2.) Building Facade Banners

Scaffolding is often used in a building's construction subjecting the public to potential hazards if no protection is provided. Hanging custom printed building facades around scaffolding will provide a branded rendering of the finished building for aesthetic reasons while maintaining a safety barrier between the construction site and pedestrian traffic.

Custom facades are popular for hiding construction at amusement parks during improvements. The facade protects guests from the construction, while the printed graphic depicts how the area will look once work is finished. 

3.) Building Mounted Pole Banners

Attaching pole banner mounting brackets to the side of any building is an excellent way to employ pole banners as an advertising medium to highlight a building's amenities, promote retail stores or shops, or to announce a coming event. Several pole banners used within close proximity of each other is also an excellent way to communicate multiple messages that would be too cluttered if attempted on a single banner. Multiple pole banners will extend the creativity and design potential to include different colors and design elements, so when used in unison together, will increase awareness and better attract attention to any promotion or message. 

4.) Advertise Available Leasing Space

Using the exterior of a building to hang a gigantic lease banner can be one of the better advertising methods a property management company can employ to attract tenants. In fact, we recommend using as much of the exterior wall space as possible when determining the size a for lease banner to maximize visibility.

Using banners attached to your building to advertise available lease space should only be deployed on buildings that are exposed to a main traffic artery, or for tall buildings that tower over neighboring buildings in the area.

When printing banners to advertise leasing opportunities, keep the banner simple to ensure success. Although photo quality printing is available, we at eSigns have found high contrast colors on large text only banners work best. The contrast between the banner's background and text color will allow your leasing message to be much more legible from a distance.

5.) Using Banners To Decorate An Atrium

Modern buildings include a central atrium or commons area where tenants and visitors will frequent as they first enter the building. The atrium is usually quite large in size and is the architectural highlight of the entire complex. 

With architecturally inspired elements of design used to exhilarate our senses, it is no wonder why colorfully printed signs play a major role in an atrium's decor. From ceiling banners hanging on structural beams, to large picturesque wall murals used to add color and decor to an empty architectural wall, printing decorative banners is a popular method interior decorators use to create an aesthetically pleasing space. 

eSigns knows our top five reasons buildings use banners is just the tip of the iceberg, so we invite you to visit us and share your input how you use banners and signs in conjunction with buildings in your area.

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