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09/21/2020 |

eBookshelfWelcome to the BUILDINGS eBookshelf! In our digital library, we’ve compiled the latest guidelines for designing and operating commercial buildings.

Our new eHandbooks are full of actionable information, case studies and helpful products from trusted sources and suppliers. Best of all, they’re free!

Click on a title and download your copy today.

Book 3: Short- and Long-term Strategies for Healthcare Design and Operations

Healthcare eHandbook

While we understand more about COVID-19 today than at the outset of the pandemic, it will continue to reshape the way medical facilities are designed and operated—both in the short and long term.

That’s why we assembled this eHandbook: to offer guidance from trusted sources to help hospital staff and design professionals alike with the decisions they need to make today—and tomorrow.

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Book 2: Reopening and Reimagining Educational Facilities Amid COVID-19

Reopening and Reimagining Educational Facilities Amid COVID-19

As local school districts and administrators grapple with whether to open schools for the new year or postpone in-person classes and continue with virtual learning, one thing is clear: whenever K-12, colleges and universities do decide to reopen, their facilities need to be clean, operational and safe for students and staff.

In this eHandbook, we’ve compiled a number of up-to-date guidelines and resources from some of the most trusted sources to help get educational facilities ready for learning.

It also offers a glimpse into how classrooms may change in the future to ensure the health and safety of all.

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Book 1: Reopening the Office Best Practices

Reopening the Office Best Practices

A Comprehensive Return-to-Work Guide for Facility Executives

In this eBook, we’ve assembled a preview of numerous guidelines and white papers with practical information on getting your workplace ready for reopening from some of the most respected organizations and architectural firms, including direct links to download the complete reports.

You’ll also find case studies and products that can help pave the way for safely reopening your office.

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