CreekBridge Village, Salinas, CA

09/25/2006 |

2006 Project Innovations recipient, submitted by SGPA Architecture and Planning

Spanning 12.2 acres, this mixed-use suburban village combines retail (91,475 square feet), apartments (24,000 square feet/17 units), and office space (5,085 square feet), as well as pedestrian and bicycle trails, to foster a “Main Street” feel.

Adjacent to the developer’s new single-family housing tract, CreekBridge Village offers a mix of retail and restaurant tenants so that it can serve as a town center for the CreekBridge development and surrounding developments. The development includes Safeway, a full-size grocery store, as its anchor tenant.

Special Design Feature
To emphasize the project’s importance as a town center for surrounding neighborhoods, a large clock tower is set on axis with the primary drive aisle entrance to the heart of the project. To further strengthen the traditional Main Street perception, trees and regularly spaced street lights line either side of the drive aisle. Well-landscaped, park-like seating areas with benches, bollards, and other features highlight the development’s downtown feel.

Design/Construction Challenge
The developer insisted that tenants in the new office buildings not be subjected to views of exposed rooftop-mounted HVAC units. To solve this problem, smaller, on-site buildings were designed with sloping roof forms developed to screen the rooftop equipment.

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