5 Success Stories in Energy Management

02/16/2007 |

Award-winning organizations show you how to change behavior, increase equipment life, and spend less, all while managing energy like a pro


As rising energy costs consume an increasing amount of operating-budget dollars, most building owners have expanded their reasoning behind why energy management is important.

Not only is it one way to demonstrate environmental stewardship, it’s also a strategy with very realizable effects on the bottom line. When budgets shrink and utility costs escalate, energy management is no longer important - it’s critical.

Until zero-energy buildings become a widespread phenomenon, the quest to use less energy more wisely will continue to be a priority. If you’re looking to benchmark your energy management, five by-the-book examples follow. These organizations demonstrate that it’s not only about efficient equipment and operation - it’s also about changing behavior.

  1. Colorado Springs School District No. 11
  2. University of California, San Diego
  3. Accor North America
  4. Merck & Co. Inc.
  5. Andrews Air Force Base


Jana J. Madsen (jana.madsen@buildings.com) is managing editor at Buildings magazine.

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