Editors’ Choice: Toasty-Toes Takes the Chill Out of Winter

04/16/2007 |

The editorial staff rates Indus-Tool’s ergonomic heated footrest

Toasty Toes

From Chicago-based Indus-Tool, the Toasty Toes deluxe ergonomic heated footrest offers gentle, radiant heat to keep users' feet warm while seated at their workspace. Consuming only one-tenth the energy of a space heater (and safer, too), the footrest is adjustable for maximum comfort (with three convenient positions, including one as an upright heat panel). Use anywhere; the elegant black-on-black embossed design matches any décor.

More information on Indus-Tool's Toasty Toes deluxe ergonomic heated footrest is available at (www.indus-tool.com).

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