Design Build Checklist - Team Selection/cultural Values

01/19/2001 |

Getting the Job

Many issues regarding the marketing process need to be explored as well. These issues include cost of marketing and who absorbs such costs. Additionally, the team needs to decide upon the basis of its internal compensation, such as lump sum, cost plus, with or without a guaranteed maximum price, unit prices, and any shard provisions. It is important to note that a shared savings provision should be discussed not only with the owner of the project but also regarding shard savings between constructor and the design team members.


Discussion of which member's fee dollars are at risk and to what extent

Risk versus reward for the prime versus the sub

Discussion of what happens if the team is unsuccessful

Discussion of the extent of required design and detailing for the proposal phase of the project

Overall scope of the agreement

Discussion of how the team will handle a potential "Best and Final Offer"

Discussion of individual team staffing that will work on the projects

Discussion of team member exclusivity

Discussion of disclosure of any team member conflicts

Points at which a design/build team member can or cannot withdraw

Discussion of disbursement of fees, stipends, or honorariums

Discussion of final approval process of proposals

Additional Notes

Resource: The AIA and AGC express their deep appreciation to members who devoted their time and expertise to developing these guidelines. Of special note are Brad Buchanan, AIA, and Ed Haselden, AGC.

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