The Heart Hospital at SwedishAmerican, Rockford, IL

10/01/2007 |

Project Innovations 2007

SwedishAmerican Hospital needed a facility to consolidate its cardiac-related services and provide a physical identity to the Rockford, IL, region's premier provider of cardiac health services. The design reflects the progressive nature of the cardiac program, yet is uncompromising in its support for families, nurses, and physicians.

In addition, the design takes advantage of credible research regarding patient safety, patient and family satisfaction, improved clinical outcomes, and nurse recruitment and retention.

Special Design Features
Based upon the hospital's nursing models, eight-bed pods were created as "neighborhoods" around a parallelogram-circulation system, reducing walking distances for staff. Each pod is served by a nurse station with direct sightlines into each patient room. Patient rooms are also designed to allow family members to stay indefinitely, with a built-in window bench for sitting or sleeping, a desk complete with Internet access, and a comfortable chair.

Diagonal main corridors allow for cardiac patients to walk as part of their rehabilitation proc­ess without walking directly in front of patient room doors (offering greater patient privacy in rooms); built-in benches at the nurse stations provide numerous "rest stops," as patients can become easily fatigued. 

An indoor/outdoor healing garden (with a water feature) distinguishes this as a special facility and provides a form of therapy with its soothing sounds and colors.

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