Piedmont Fayette Hospital, Fayetteville, GA

10/01/2007 |

Project Innovations 2007

Located in an Atlanta satellite community, Piedmont Fayette Hospital opened in 1997 as a new, freestanding hospital for family-centered medical services to a predominantly outpatient population - with planning for future expansion and adaptations determined at that same time.

Eight years later, such early planning allowed the expansion of the hospital to occur with minimal disruption to operational services.

Special Design Features
The expansion's exterior follows the same contemporary architectural style of the existing facility to create a seamless connection between the two. Glass curtainwall, used on the outer side of the mall corridor on the facility's perimeter, brings in daylighting and views of the healing garden to the waiting spaces for diagnostics and imaging.

As with the original facility's finishes, the interiors respond to the expectations of the community. Finishes and furnishings throughout are residential in nature (including soothing, nature-inspired textures and colors) to create a healing environment and make the medical setting as comfortable and familiar as possible.

Design/Construction Challenge
The challenges of a sloping site were again used to an advantage by providing daylighting to the ground floor of the attached 5-story physicians' office building. To add convenience for outpatients, the natural-grade topography was used to allow same-level surface parking for the outpatient lobby.

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