WFC Inc. Corporate Office, La Verne, CA

10/01/2007 |

Project Innovations 2007

Since WFC's office is the first structure you see upon entering La Verne, CA, the plan was to design a custom building that would act as a gateway into the city. This was accomplished through a contemporary tilt-up modular layout with large storefront windows and varying colors that create a visual stacking pattern. Besides the office space, WFC Inc.'s corporate headquarters includes a warehouse, a "Building B" (featuring company amenities), and a large parking lot.

Special Design Features
The exterior is highlighted by a large feature element called "the wedge," which creates a visual block and landmark to the building. The positioning of the wedge bisects the front modular tilt-up, but also provides a sightline block to the rear of the property, therefore keeping the unattractive components - the trucks, cranes, tractors, backhoes, etc. - hidden.

Various features play off the company's line of work: construction. For example, a gray masonry block wall was used in the front lobby as a backdrop for a custom-made water feature. This use of rugged materials is an unusual interior design move, but works well here.

Throughout the facility, the lighting offers potential clients a working example of applications for their own future offices and warehouses.

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