Editors' Choice: Going Up Made Easier?

10/01/2007 |

The editorial staff rates Schindler Elevator Corp's Miconic 10 destination dispatch system

Miconic 10 destination dispatch system

(Based on a 5-point scale)

Morristown, NJ-based Schindler Elevator Corp. has revolutionized the elevator experience with the Miconic 10® destination dispatch system. Eliminating pushbuttons in elevators and dramatically improving traffic handling, the Schindler Miconic 10 is something new. Unlike traditional elevator systems, there are no pushbuttons inside the elevator cars. Instead, passengers use an external keypad located in the lobby area of each floor to input their destination. The Miconic 10 system automatically assesses elevator positions so it can assign a car that will deliver passengers to their desired floors in the fastest way possible, reducing wait times and repeated stops typically associated with traditional elevators. In addition, the system has features built in to improve safety and efficiency. Calculating traffic patterns and monitoring weight in each car, the Miconic 10 system is fast, efficient, and safe to use. For more information on the Miconic 10 system, visit (www.us.schindler.com). 

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