Editors' Choice: Manage Your Workplace Better with FM:Interact

11/01/2007 |

The editorial staff rates FM:Systems' FM:Interact Workplace Management Suite

FM:Interact™ Workplace Management Suite

(based on a 5-point scale)

The FM:Interact Workplace Management Suite by Raleigh, NC-based FM:Systems is an integrated suite of powerful Web-based workplace management products that lets you share information and manage processes that impact the entire organization. Featuring an intuitive interface that provides quick and easy access to key facilities information (such as floorplans, reports, employee information, and critical documents), FM:Interact helps you manage your facilities across multiple locations. Work orders and move requests are streamlined, greatly improving efficiency and customer service. FM:Interact runs on your organization's intranet and can be accessed by all employees using standard Web browsers. For more information about FM:Interact, visit (www.fmsystems.com). 

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