Succession Planning: How to Prepare Tomorrow’s Leaders

01/01/2008 | By Jana J. Madsen and Leah B. Garris

An effective succession plan can preserve your legacy

You've worked hard to lay a strong foundation of best practices and working relationships, and your team has earned the respect of executive management. But, what will happen when you leave? Will the solid groundwork you've put in place crumble as a result of an inexperienced team taking over? Not if you have an effective succession plan: It can preserve your legacy.

In October 2007 at IFMA World Workplace, Buildings sat down with nine of your peers to talk about succession planning. Their questions and concerns inspired the two articles that follow. Follow the links below and begin your succession plan today - it's never too early to start.

Your Professional Legacy Begins (and Ends) with a Succession Plan

6 Ways to Groom Your Successor

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