Editors’ Choice: Paladin® Live Takes Real-Time Power Analytics to the Next Generation

01/01/2008 |

The editorial staff rates Eaton Corp./EDSA Micro Corp.'s electrical power system management platform

Paladin® Live electrical power system management platform

(based on a five-point scale)

Paladin Live - offered through a joint marketing and sales agreement between Cleveland-based Eaton Corp. and San Diego-based EDSA Micro Corp. - is the only electrical power system management platform able to sustain a constant, 360-degree view of your electrical-power infrastructure. It smartly predicts when and where vulnerabilities could occur, and sends appropriate notification to the right people at the right time. Paladin Live treats energy as a business-critical service, giving facility operators a way to administer its cost, quality, capacity, and reliability. It assists users with capacity planning, energy efficiency, load curtailment, and power quality to guard failsafe business activities. Once set up, Paladin Live protects business continuity by constantly checking the power system for possible glitches to ensure resiliency. The system can then be instructed to prevent potential failures on its own or make intelligent suggestions to operators. For more information about Paladin Live, visit (www.eaton.com) or (www.edsa.com).

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