Sit Smart with the Leap® Chair

02/01/2008 |

The editorial staff rates Steelcase's Leap chair

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Steelcase's Leap® chair

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The Leap chair from Grand Rapids, MI-based Steelcase Inc. is no ordinary task chair: It's ergonomic in every sense, mimicking your movements as you go about completing your everyday tasks. Simply put, when you move, so does the chair. Its back changes shape as necessary to support the entire spine, reducing hunched posture. Adjustable seat depth accommodates different sizes and body shapes; the chair's arms move up and down, in and out, forward and backward, and pivot to allow the user to find a natural, comfortable position to support wrists, forearms, shoulders, and neck.

A yearlong study of more than 200 Leap chair users showed that the chair, combined with ergonomics training, resulted in a 17.8-percent increase in productivity. The participants in the study also reported significantly lower levels of pain and discomfort in symptom surveys and questionnaires.

A stool version of Leap is also available; the chair is offered with Steelcase and Designtex fabric, leather, or vinyl. For more information, visit (

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