Preventive Maintenance Checklist


Haphazardly maintained fixtures can fail to deliver energy savings and lower light quality. Here's our checklist:

✓ Inspect at regular intervals, with group relamping when lamps begin to fail.

✓ Routinely check any luminaires that have transformers, control gear, or accessories, such as spread lenses, glare baffles, or color filters.

✓ Check exterior lights to make sure cables aren't torn; all screws and hardware should be in place and working, and gaskets can be replaced to provide a better watertight seal.

✓ Replace any burned-out lamps and consider group relamping. To create your relamping schedule, calculate lamp life and how often lamps are used.

✓ Ensure that each lamp has the same color temperature.

✓ Re-aim adjustable lighting as necessary.

✓ Dust lamps and clean lens surfaces to enhance lighting performance.

Because lighting elements can contain mercury or lead, it’s imperative to safely store used bulbs until they can be removed by a certified vendor. Ask for documentation to verify your waste went to a recycling facility and not the dump.



✓ Electrical systems should be inspected by a licensed electrician every 3 to 5 years; PM typically includes checking switchgear, panel boards, and connections in addition to cleaning and re-torquing electrical connections. Overcurrent devices should be cleaned and lubricated as required; fusible switch units should be checked to make sure all fuses within the unit are from the same manufacturer and of the same class and rating. Note that arcing failures occur where connections have been loosened as a result of thermal cycling.

✓ Surfaces in parking garages should be cleaned at least twice a year, with coating replacement every 10 years. Power washing is a cheap, easy way to protect the structure and delay rehabilitation projects. Pavements should be crack-filled and seal-coated on a regular basis. Mill and overlay pavements should be done every 20 years.

Information provided by Richard L. Fricklas, former technical director at the Roofing Industry Educational Institute (RIEI); Mark Leeman, associate at Facility Engineering Associates; Bob Marvin, principal at Marvin & Associates Inc.; Walter M. D'Ascenzo, senior project manager at Facility Engineering Associates; and Jean Sundin, principal at Office for Visual Interaction Inc.

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