Editors' Choice: Get in Sync with the Sguig

03/01/2009 |

The editorial staff rates Keilhauer’s Sguig Syncro chair

Are you a slumper? A leaner? Is bad posture taking its toll? Listen up: The Sguig® Syncro task chair is calling your name. Toronto-based Keilhauer’s innovative Sguig Syncro focuses on the company’s researched principles of gender-based differences in sitting; Pelvic Balance Point technology® compensates for individual sitting balance and center of mass, and the T1-L5 Free Shoulders® design completely supports the spine while allowing the shoulders and upper body to move freely. The science involved in creating this chair results in a product that supports increased user alertness and concentration while addressing the causes of seating-related muscle pain. For more information, visit www.keilhauer.com.

Ergonomics The Free Shoulders design is a unique approach to ergonomics. One editor loved it, and another found the “bump” on the spine to be annoying. If you’re disciplined enough to take advantage of it, the Free Shoulders design pulls your shoulders back, opening up your chest. The chair’s unique contours reinforce good posture, keeping you from working in a hunched position.

Adjustability The Sguig Syncro is super intuitive and easy to adjust. All it took for us was a 5-minute visit from a dealer, and we were ready to use it. The arms move up and down, pivot in and out, and rotate 180 degrees so you can hug up to your desk. The adjustable back height is a unique feature, and, after a few minutes of playing with the settings, the chair easily configures to suit anyone’s body and preferences.

Aesthetics Funky and contemporary, the chair would definitely shine in a modern office; with an impressive array of color and texture choices, you could make it work in traditional environments, too. The “embossed” look of the fabric is unique and attractive, but we wonder: With a monochromatic fabric and little texture, won’t stains be more visible? Hopefully, most office workers leave their desks for lunch, but for those who don’t, a spill could potentially spoil the beauty of this chair.

Ease of Use The Sguig Syncro gets points for being intuitive and suitable for users of varying sizes. It’s simple to figure out, and it’s simple to remember how to perform adjustments so that the chair can easily change to accommodate different users’ needs in today’s fluctuating office environments.

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