Making Your Buildings Run Better

05/01/2009 |

Managing Editor Leah B. Garris talks about maximizing building performance

Leah B. Garris,
Managing Editor

All facilities professionals – including you, of course – want to improve and maximize the performance of their buildings. When you do, you’ll cut costs, save energy, impress your superiors, and feel a sense of achievement. But, saying and doing are two different things.

This month’s cover story, penned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® program manager, gives you helpful information on how to improve building performance today. You’ll learn about low- and no-cost ways to save energy and money – on everything from delamping and disconnecting unused ballasts to working with tenants/occupants on reducing the number of hours that your HVAC system is in operation.

You’ll find information on how to make sure your next lighting retrofit project goes well – another example of a good way to improve building performance. You’ll learn about the 17 mistakes that occur most often in lighting projects, and you’ll walk away from this article knowing what not to do when it’s time to revisit your building’s lighting system.

And, lastly, you’ll find our annual Facilities Manager’s Guide to NeoCon®. Held each year in Chicago, NeoCon World’s Trade Fair shows off the best in interior products. If you have a chance, be sure to check out the seminars offered at NeoCon as part of The Buildings Show – seminar topics range from vendor negotiations to BIM to benchmarking facility data. The data and facts presented in these discussions will surely help you improve facility operations, no matter your building type.

If you have some low- or no-cost options that you’ve established to save money and energy, please let us know. Send me an e-mail at

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