Sky Factory Transforms Ceiling Spaces

07/01/2009 |

The editors review Sky Factory’s EcoSlim Luminous SkyCeilings

Sky Factory’s EcoSlim Luminous SkyCeilings™ do more than just make your interior space look better. They prompt relaxation and comfort with their realistic illusions of beautiful skies. Replicating the real sky – color temperature, pattern, hue, and viewer perspective – this product works easily in new construction or retrofit projects, is compatible with suspended ceiling grid systems worldwide, and features daylight-balanced, energy-efficient lighting with dimming and programmable options.

Reports gathered across the span of 6 years confirm that SkyCeilings reduce anxiety and improve health outcomes in patients, increase productivity in the workplace, increase referrals and establish market differentiation, and offer greater sales in retail environments.

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Aesthetics These ceiling systems are realistic, peaceful, and calming – but not too distracting. There are hundreds of choices available for high-resolution sky images as part of this product line. We didn’t get to try nearly all of them, but the ones we tested were very realistic. We honestly felt like we were outside, looking up at the sky.

Sustainability Free of toxic elements, SkyCeilings are made with energy-efficient LED technology and offer manual/remote dimming and other options to reduce energy use. In addition, Sky Factory’s new facility reduces the company’s energy consumption by more than 30 percent and is working to minimize its carbon footprint by using high efficiency and recyclable components in its products. In our book, that’s sustainable.

Ease of Use Changing out fixtures takes a little bit of work, but the directions are easy to follow and it’s simple to do. We would recommend training one or two people on your team about how to do this, and let them handle it – you don’t want tenants/occupants trying to swap out their own ceiling tiles.

Versatility These ceiling systems can be used anywhere: retail settings, hospitals, hotels, dental offices, workspaces, etc. Although we tested ours in an office environment, we can definitely picture SkyCeilings being used in many other environments. In fact, we can’t think of an environment that wouldn’t be suitable for these systems. And not only can they be used anywhere, they come in almost any shape or size to fit the needs of the building.

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