RhinoBond System by OMG Roofing Products

04/14/2010 |

RhinoBond System by OMG Roofing Products

The RhinoBond System from OMG Roofing Products is an ideal alternative for installing thermoplastic single-ply systems in metal roof retrofit applications.


RhinoBond uses the same fastener and plate to secure the membrane and the insulation. In metal retrofit applications, the fasteners are installed into the purlins for maximum wind uplift resistance, but they do not have to be placed in the seams of the membrane.


As with mechanically attached systems, many metal retrofit roof assemblies require extra fastening around the perimeter of the roof where wind uplift forces can be the strongest. Adding extra fasteners and RhinoBond Plates in these areas provides additional points at which the membrane is attached for enhanced wind performance.


Once the insulation is fastened in place, the membrane is installed over the top. Because the RhinoBond Plates are welded to the underside of the roof cover, membrane width and orientation are no longer factors in the installation procedure. And, since the fasteners don’t penetrate the membrane, there’s no potential point of entry for moisture.


For more information, call 800-633-3800 or visit www.RhinoBond.com.

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