Solucent by Cambridge Architectural

04/23/2010 |

Cambridge Architectural’s Solucent is an energy-saving and daylighting mesh shading system for exteriors and interiors.


The system combines the unique and striking aesthetic of architectural mesh with shading and daylighting capabilities to create a one-of-a-kind energy and light management solution. 


Solucent mesh shading systems reduce solar heat gain by shading the sun, leading to significant savings on cooling costs. Mesh is also a versatile daylighting material that allows the desired amount of natural light through. As a result, Solucent systems reduce the need for electric light – the No. 1 energy consumer in buildings, and a contributor of unwanted heat gain.


Although most often used as an exterior facade, Solucent also comes in the form of solar canopies and interior wall adornments.


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