CarbonCast by Altus Group

04/26/2010 |

CarbonCast by Altus Group

CarbonCast Insulated Architectural Cladding from AltusGroup offers weight reductions of about 40 percent when compared to solid, 6-inch-thick precast concrete exterior wall panels. It’s engineered to deliver insulation values of R-8 or more in addition to lowering a building’s carbon footprint.

This insulated, sandwich-type wall panel has inner and outer concrete wythes of 1.75 inches or more in thickness. CarbonCast Insulated Architectural Cladding uses C-GRID carbon fiber grid shear trusses to connect the inner and outer wythes of concrete, creating a strong connection with negligible thermal transfer.

Reducing the amount of concrete lowers the panel weight. Inner and outer wythes of 1.75 inches result in total concrete thickness of 3.5 inches.

For more information, visit or call 866-GO-ALTUS.

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