AD-Series by Schlage

05/04/2010 |

ES8500 includes sensors to ensure that only one person for each authorized identification card can pass at a time, eliminating the “tailgating” security threat

You can’t predict what will happen tomorrow, but you can be ready for it – thanks to the new AD-Series from Schlage. This is a revolutionary new access control solution that’s redefining the security industry.

Its integrated intelligence allows you to keep people, property, and assets safe and secure in a productive and efficient way.

The AD-Series electronic locks from Schlage are designed to provide more options to choose from, more functionality in the lock, and more compatibility with existing systems. Its patent-pending modular design allows the solution to be customized to fit your application, and can change to meet future needs without removing it from the door.

Designed from the ground up to be completely flexible, adaptable, and scalable, the AD-Series can be upgraded to meet your evolving needs in the future.

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