HVAC cleaning and restoration by DUCTZ

05/06/2010 |

As part of an effective maintenance plan, a DUCTZ professional can ensure that your building’s HVAC system is regularly inspected and restored. Your system’s blueprints are reviewed, and DUCTZ coordinates with you to determine the best solution to your indoor air quality and energy-efficiency needs.


DUCTZ cleaning and restoration involves more than 130 identifiable and distinct tasks. During the cleaning and restoration process, various assortments of highly specialized and proprietary tools, machinery, and supplies are used. In addition, DUCTZ uses patented processes, such as an exclusive metallic barrier in the air plenum of the furnace and in certain ductwork. This barrier eliminates fiber glass shedding and prevents the fiber glass from acting like an absorbent sponge, which collects dirt and moisture, creating a breeding ground for microbial growth, bacteria, and fungi.


No job is too big for DUCTZ, whether it’s a 30-story building, a 3,000-room hotel, or a 200,000-square-foot shopping center. DUCTZ professionals respond to large-scale projects coast to coast.


For more information, visit www.ductz.com/Web/Pages/Commercial/Commercial.aspx.

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