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Building Maintenance and Pest Bird Damage: A Security Issue?

When it comes to building maintenance, pest bird control is sometimes treated as an after-thought. In other words, limited attention is given to a couple of perching seagulls until the entire flock has staged a coup and facility managers are scrambling to control and cleanup after the winged usurpers. However, what if we look at pest bird damage the way we do security issues? If there were teenagers loitering on the building premises – disturbing customers, making noise and leaving their trash behind for you to clean up, how would you handle that? Maybe you would install a fence. How about if people were walking their dogs on your facility grounds and not picking up after their pets? You might put up a sign or threaten fines. If vandals were in your parking lot defacing vehicles you would probably call the authorities. The point is: you would do something to prevent said occurrence from happening again. You would NOT make cleaning up after teenagers, or dogs, or vandals a large part of your o ...