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Are You Ready For El Niño? The Commercial Building Manager Perspective

El Niño is coming, make sure your building is ready with this valuable advice.

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4 Next-Generation Building Materials

As building material technology continues to improve, take a look at these innovative new products that could benefit facilities.

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Finding the Right Partner to Build Your Data Center

Planning a new data center? Be sure to check out this valuable industry advice about how to choose the right provider.

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10 Energy Cost Savings Solutions for Commercial Buildings

Cut your building's energy consumption with these tips.

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3 Ways Energy Storage Adds Value to Existing Buildings

Considering options to improve efficiency? Energy storage could be your best bet!

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Scalable Security Solutions that Meet the Needs of Growing Organizations

No matter how large or small your operation is, make sure your security solution can keep up with expected growth.

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3 Methods to Measure Energy Management Success

Put your building on the track to efficient operations with these energy management tips.

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Maximize the Value of Security in Healthcare Facilities

Take a look at these services that security personnel may be able to fulfill in addition to regular duties.

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How to Select the Right Lighting Replacement for Your Building

Energy efficient lighting is now providing long-term higher quality of light while offering a short-term return on investment. Check out these tips to achieve better energy efficiency in your building.

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5 Benefits of a Dynamic Company Floorplan

Dynamic floorplans can help simplify facility operations, check out this valuable industry advice to learn more.

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