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Upgrade with a Digital Lighting Control Solution

Analog dimming technologies may seem like the lowest-cost option when considering an upgrade, but going with a digital lighting control solution offers significant performance and lifecycle advantages that you may not have thought about. For optimal performance and flexibility, consider digital control solutions for your facility.

  1. Digital controls make it easier to meet and exceed building codes and green building standards. By choosing a manufacturer that offers digital components specifically designed to work together, strategies such as occupant sensing, daylight harvesting, and personal control can be combined to deliver the ideal mix of energy savings and occupant comfort.
  2. A digital lighting control system enables powerful analytics and reporting. A digital network allows fixture-level information to be easily integrated into smart building controls. As facility managers and building owners work to more effectively analyze and monitor energy use, digital controls provide valuable information that can contribute to building’s bottom line. The digital network allows users to identify potential problems, such as lamp outages, to reduce maintenance time and improve productivity.
  3. Over time, space use and tenants can change. With digital solutions, your lighting control system can change just as easily. With 0-10V controls, rezoning or reconfiguring a space can be a time-consuming, labor-intensive process. Digital controls can allow lighting to be rezoned, reassigned, or reconfigured easily with virtually no disruption to the people in the space.
  4. Digital control systems are less susceptible to line noise or electrical interference than analog systems. The analog control signal can be adversely affected by line noise, causing inconsistent dimming performance.
  5. A digital control system can help guarantee performance and compatibility. To ensure best results, look for a manufacturer that specifically engineers and tests its digital ballasts, drivers, sensors, and controls to work together, delivering consistent dimming performance across all LED drivers and fluorescent ballasts. This will maximize energy savings, as well as ensure a more comfortable and productive workspace.

Digital control solutions offer reliable, high-performance dimming that is flexible, cost-effective, and free of interference that often affects 0-10V control systems.

By Arya Abraham, product manager of LED drivers at Lutron Electronics.

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