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The Top 4 Building Security Mistakes and Solutions

When it comes to protecting your business, there's no such thing as too secure. Knowing your building is protected is essential to maintaining your peace of mind, as well as keeping your assets safe. So is your facility as protected as it should be? What precautions are you taking to protect your property, and what precautions should you be adding to that list? If you want to keep your facility secure, here are the mistakes to look out for:

1) Not Properly Protecting Against Theft

You don’t have to look far to find a story of workplace robberies or theft — just recently there have been news reports of a pharmacy employee who attempted a robbery, a strip mall employee getting shot during an attempted robbery, and a hospital worker being arrested for alleged theft. The fact is, both internal and external thievery is a real danger for businesses. That’s why facilities need more than lockable doors to physically secure their valuables — not realizing this is can be a crucial mistake. 

Suggested Solution: Many companies would benefit from physical security measures such as cameras, lighting, secure doors, secure windows, controlled access points, security alarms, commercial safes and other tools that create both visual and logistical deterrents. When you install these physical safety measures, however, make sure you also provide training for staff members to know how to use them — after all, a security solution that the staff is unable to adjust or enable doesn’t provide much security at all.

2) Ignoring Warning Signs of Workplace Violence

Nobody wants to think about violence occurring in the workplace, but for many industries it’s a serious issue that must be addressed. Setting workplace policies that prohibit violence is a good first step in preventing occurrences in the work environment, but that doesn’t eliminate the need to be on guard against potential warning signs for imminent workplace danger. When you have employees who are decreasing in productivity or showing inconsistent work patterns, you may have a larger problem going on. When someone makes inappropriate comments, threats or, in more serious situations, throws objects in the workplace, consider it a sign of a problem.

Other warning signs that someone is being violent or is the victim of violence may include out-of-character behavior, continual excuses rather than taking responsibility, ongoing depression, poor health/hygiene and difficulty concentrating. While none of these factors on its own means workplace violence is occurring, each one is a sign of a potential problem. Any time you notice these warning signs, it’s best to investigate to find out what’s going on. 

Suggested Solution: Make your management staff aware of the typical triggers and signs that indicate conflicts in the workplace and/or situations where employees are struggling with anger management issues. Educate your staff members so they know what warning signs to watch out for among coworkers in the workplace. When any of those triggers occur, investigate, and when necessary, take action immediately to prevent more serious problems down the line.

3) Failing to Monitor Computer Access Properly

In today’s technological age, computer security is vital. According to one report, 70 percent of IT professionals say that unauthorized program use is what caused as much as half of companies’ data loss. Because computers carry such sensitive data like customer records, product inventories, payment information, and invoices, companies that don’t take proper precautions against both internal and external computer security threats are setting themselves up for hacking or other breaches.

Suggested Solution: Look for methods to control both computer access (so only authorized personnel may get into computers) and data protection (so sensitive information stays safe). The same report suggests that businesses “integrate security into the corporate culture and consistently evaluate the risks of every interaction with networks, devices, applications, data and, of course, other users.”

4) Thinking Terrorism Isn't a Threat

Whether your company is in a sleepy rural town or the middle of an urban community; at this time in history, you can’t afford to ignore the threat of terrorism. While the very nature of terrorism is that it is unpredictable, companies that don’t prepare appropriately make a major security mistake, one that opens them up to attack. From anthrax exposure to bomb threats, terrorist activities are extremely serious and dangerous threats that can happen anywhere.

Suggested Solution: Set up company-wide action plans for what to do in case of bomb threat, terrorist activity or other dangerous situation. Educate your entire staff on what to do in such a situation so they are prepared and take the right precautions. Likewise, make it a company policy to monitor any and all suspicious packages — both those that come in and those that go out — in order to prevent terrorist activity from taking place.

Do any of the above mistakes sound familiar to you? Where could you be unknowingly leaving your facility vulnerable to attack? Follow the suggestions above to reduce the likelihood of damages happening at your facility.

Wes Wernette oversees marketing at Fireking Security Group.

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