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Advances in Paint Technologies That Can Help Healthcare Facilities Meet ACA Guidelines

Sweeping changes in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have had a major effect on all aspects of today’s healthcare industry. With these new regulations, healthcare facilities now have even more responsibility for a patient’s overall satisfaction and care, with interior design and decor playing a key role in this system.

Patients generally visit healthcare facilities during very stressful times, so it’s important that design meets functional demands as well as providing a healthy and relaxed environment.  To help meet this challenge, facility managers are utilizing technologically advanced paints and coatings that are visually pleasing, offer greater durability and help to improve the overall patient experience in the facility. Choosing the right finishes can also aid in easing anxiety, as well as improving patient care and recovery.

Advanced coatings offer a wide array of benefits

In the past, paint was chosen primarily for aesthetic appeal and reliable performance. Recent advancements in coating technology are now enabling managers to more easily tackle these issues in their facilities while also helping to improve indoor air quality, eliminate odors, reduce repaints and deliver beautiful, functional aesthetics.

Various colors can inspire projects for healthcare facilities of all types. For example, paint is being used as a wayfinding tool, thus, improving the patient and visitor experience through use of specific colors that serve as a guide to different locations at a facility. 

To get the most out of a project, whether choosing paints for continuing maintenance, renovation or new construction, it’s important to recognize how and where to use these latest paint technologies. Here is a brief overview of key factors to consider when choosing products for your next project. 

Dealing with high traffic areas while extending lifecycle

Modern healthcare hygiene procedures call for more aggressive cleaning and disinfecting practices, placing an additional load on high-traffic areas. Today’s advanced commercial coatings will last longer than ordinary wall paints and are specifically designed to withstand persistent cleaning, abrasion and impact, while still maintaining a sleek, beautiful finish.

Some modern coating products also contain anti-microbial agents that prevent the growth of mold and mildew on the paint film, as well as stopping bacterial odors. This helps minimize deterioration of the paint film, while prolonging the life of the coating and cutting down on the frequency of re-paint projects.

Improving indoor air quality 

Paint selection can have a huge impact on indoor air quality. Because of growing public concern surrounding indoor air quality issues, the demand has never been greater for products that contain fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which also help inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. Advanced coating technologies can actually improve indoor air quality by reducing airborne concentrations of formaldehyde and other aldehydes. By reducing VOCs from possible sources such as carpets and fabrics and cabinets, indoor spaces remain fresher for a longer period of time.

Another important advancement that is making a significant difference in the healthcare environment is odor eliminating technology. This revolutionary coating technology helps neutralize and dissolve many common indoor odors of organic origin.

Paints and coatings can improve your facility

Advanced coatings can help facility managers hit high marks with ACA standards while enhancing the overall patient experience.  Selecting the latest coating technologies can provide innovative solutions to meet a wide variety of challenges to help protect the interior spaces of a facility, control costs, meet tight deadlines, reduce repaints due to an extended lifecycle and provide a comfortable, appealing environment for both patients and staff.

Joe Kujawski is director of marketing, healthcare at Sherwin-Williams

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