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12 Ways To Prepare Warehouses For Summer Heat

After a long, cold and snowy winter, summer is thankfully here. However, if your warehouse doesn’t keep its cool, employees won’t be in a thankful mood come July and August. Here are ways you can keep your warehouse cool during the summer – and thereby keep operations running efficiently and morale high.

1) Install ceiling fans to keep air circulating. High volume/low speed (HVLS) fans are especially effective for covering large chunks of square footage.

2) Use portable industrial fans, especially in high-activity areas such as packing stations.

3) Rent or buy portable air conditioners. This is usually more cost-effective and efficient than air conditioning an entire building, and cool air can be directed to where it is most needed. 

4) Use dehumidifiers — taking moisture out of the air has a cooling effect.

5) Keep machinery running efficiently. Hot running motors and even conveyor-belt friction increase the temperature in the warehouse.

6) Make sure your building’s walls and ceilings are properly insulated. 

7) Keep dock doors properly sealed and use truck shelters to keep hot outside conditions out.

8) Install screen doors and roll-up dock screen doors to keep air circulating without letting in bugs and other varmints or pests.

9) Separate areas of the warehouse with vinyl-strip curtains to keep hot air from one area moving into another area. 

10) Turn up the air conditioning. Yes, energy costs are high and running air conditioning adds substantial cost, but even more costly is running the risk of accidents and greatly reduced productivity.

11) Make sure procedures are in place and medical supplies are on hand for dealing with employees who faint or display other heat-related symptoms.

12) When the time comes to replace or restore your roof, install a cool roof, one that stays cooler in the sun. A cool roof reduces energy costs for cooling and has a longer life than standard roofs.

Dale Allen is the national service manager for Rankin

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