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Demand More from Your Lighting System: Expanding the IoT Through App-Based Technology

As the IoT continues to expand every day, networked lighting systems are providing new capabilities that far surpass their original purpose. These systems are becoming some of the most intelligent technology in today’s commercial buildings – helping not only reduce energy usage but optimize the building environments as well.

Web applications can expand network lighting system sensors’ capabilities without upgrading hardware, and also provide easy-to-use tools that allow building owners, managers, and other facilities professionals to glean insights like energy usage, space utilization and worker productivity. App-based technology has a variety of benefits, take a look at some of the extra capabilities that you could find coming along with networked lighting systems:  

Ease of Upgrade

Prior to app-based technology, implementing upgrades to a lighting system could be both time-intensive and costly. In order to achieve energy savings, it was necessary to physically upgrade either sensors or lighting fixtures – an inconvenient task for both building managers and occupants alike.

However, new apps in building software are making it simpler for facility managers to update their systems. Similar to updating an iPhone or Android device, now updating a building system is as easy as downloading new software. With advanced technology platforms, it’s easy to sign in to the new app dashboards and pull relevant data.

Expanding Capabilities

These software upgrades not only save time and money, but also expand the capabilities of the system beyond what was thought possible. Due to highly advanced sensors, systems are now capable of integrating with other building systems to monitor more than just occupancy. Thanks to the app-based technology, the systems can be managed and monitored easily online, providing rich data to help understand how the building and energy are used.


As demands in the marketplace continue to expand, the possibilities are endless for app-based technology in buildings. Lighting is only the beginning of what can be achieved. In the near future, asset tracking apps and more will be introduced to continue advancing the building environment.

By installing a system with app-based technology, facility managers can ensure their buildings will remain up-to-date for years to come. This eliminates the hassle of costly upgrades.

Demand More

When selecting a networked lighting system, be sure to select a platform that works for your building now, but will also be able to evolve and grow in the future.

Keep track of the latest advancements from your networked lighting system provider and consider how to implement and take advantage of new technologies as they become available.

Tanuj Mohan is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Enlighted, Inc. He can be reached at

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