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Sustainable Cost Reductions and Occupational Injury Prevention

Achieving substantial and sustainable cost reductions is the greatest challenge facing management today.  Organizations often think they are running as lean as possible and there just isn’t any room for significant improvement.  So, with an understanding that Human Resources is by far the largest cost an organization incurs and productivity is the key to achieving sustainable cost reductions… where do we begin? Measuring Where You Stand “What gets measured gets managed.”  That age-old axiom attributed to the great business management guru Peter Drucker is as important today as it was years ago when he wrote it.  If something is not consistently and continuously measured, there is no way to accurately understand the impact that it has on your company.   The measurement of important data is a primary part of the Six Sigma phenomenon that has swept across industry around the world.  First, identify what needs to be measured and how to measure it, ...

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For a Successful Retail Project, Value Engineering is Critical

As the retail industry continues to shift toward growing revenue through online sales, many retailers have cut back on the amount of funds dedicated toward building or expanding upon physical store locations. According to estimates from The CoStar Group, only 21.4 million square feet of new retail space will enter the market in 2012 - a record low.   While these numbers may look grim, this changing paradigm creates both a challenge and opportunity for construction firms to implement value engineering practices. In today’s economy, retailers, mall owners and contractors need to collaborate to make projects feasible, and value engineering is the key to success.   Set the Tone   Start by challenging the project specifications with well-thought-out questions. Retail project specifications are often general in nature, and can include standards that are costly and unnecessary in certain locations. For example, a retailer may have a bituminous asphalt specification that requests a mix ...

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