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Virtual Assessment versus On-Site Audit: What’s the Difference?

With the increasing focus on finding solutions that reduce building energy consumption, efficiency remains the most cost effective way to deliver savings.  The challenge most energy managers face, however, is figuring out which buildings have the best potential for savings and then identifying the combination of measures that are most appropriate for each site.  This problem is exacerbated over a large portfolio.  Consider that very high potential buildings can have 40% or more savings potential, whereas low potential buildings can have little to no potential. Software analytics combined with rapid building modeling offer new approaches to analyzing building efficiency much more effectively.  These approaches drive the two main types of energy analysis, virtual energy assessments and on-site energy audits.  A virtual energy assessment is an analysis of the energy efficiency opportunities in a building, or portfolio of buildings, that is conducted without ever going on-site. Often ...

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Lightning Protection: Making a Wise Investment for your Smart Grid

Building with the smart grid in mind means taking the right precautions for new systems that have an even more critical set of protection concerns. A smart grid is only as strong as its weakest part and, in many locations, that weak part may be a building’s exposure to lightning. Ensuring maximum power quality, power reliability and asset protection becomes more important than ever as buildings adopt smart grid systems. Given that perspective, lightning is becoming a key consideration for the productivity, safety and sustainability of industrial buildings. For many industrial businesses, the cost of damaged buildings or equipment can easily run into the millions of dollars, including the loss of sensitive electronics connected to the smart grid. A single strike affecting a building’s smart grid connection can also create a loss of revenues and resources from down time. Time and again, construction firms we work with tell us that downtime and resulting lost revenues are the most important and co ...

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