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In-Place Pipe Lining is the Solution for Failing Pipes

Trenchless pipe lining companies may not understand the rationale behind tearing your building apart in order to ultimately protect it. It is a counterproductive process. One of the most irresponsible things a property manager can do is allow construction on his or her property when there are sufficient solutions available that do not require any demolition to the property. Trenchless pipe lining to the rescue. Trenchless pipe lining technologies are not new – some of the technologies have been used for decades, passing the test of time. For example, starting in the late 1980s, all of the U.S. Navy’s Aircraft Carriers’ collection, hold and transfer pipe systems have been lined with Nu Flow’s blown-in epoxy coating. Trenchless solutions paint the property manager as an innovative, proactive hero. Pipes are rehabilitated in an eco-friendly, no-mess manner that causes extremely little to no disruption or construction, saving the customer money, time and inconvenience. The trenchl ...

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Designing With BIM: Thoughts from a Young Designer

Building Information Modeling done right is a wonderful time saving coordination masterwork that is now having a dramatic impact on our industry.  Building Information Modeling done wrong soaks up billable hours at an unstoppable rate everywhere.  Great efforts by the designer and their supporting team occur painstakingly without realizations from those making the impactful decisions.  Designers must understand far more about installation characteristics and software design than ever before.  Design firms are seeing an increase in liability as well from its use.  The concept of a totally coordinated design is most likely a fallacy.  Construction administration might be significantly removed if done right but inaccuracies are creating unforeseen conflicts and driving up costs.  My experience points to scheduling, unknown impacts of changes, and inaccurate modeling as the critical sources of wasted time and frustration. We, as your designers, want to provide the most su ...

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Forklifts on the Inside, High Winds on the Outside. Beating Them Both at the Loading Dock

Batten down the hatches. Over the past few years, hurricanes have made headlines and caused billions of dollars in damage to structures and products along the Gulf Coast and eastern seaboard. All the country’s coastlines and low-lying inland areas are susceptible to high wind events associated with these storms and the potential devastation they cause.   If you think the country has seen more active seasons for weather disasters recently, it certainly has.  These storms are a phenomenon, and are becoming more and more prevalent along our country’s coastlines. According to a Reuters article in July 2011 the record was nine separate incidences set in 2008. By the end of 2011, weather disasters tallied a record setting 14 billion dollars in damages. This year is off to a roaring start, with double the number of tornados reported as of the first of March. The most active high wind zones are along the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico and the eastern seaboard. Peak wind speeds can range from 90 ...

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