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From the monthly archives: April 2015

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How to Bring Facility Information into the 21st Century

Learn how to modernize your operations for improved efficiency with this valuable industry advice. 

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4 IP Video Surveillance Benefits for Retailers

Take a look at some of the benefits offered by IP video surveillance. 

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Water Source Heat Pumps Address HVAC Upgrade Challenges

Are water source heat pumps right for your building?

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3 Reasons Why Commercial Building Upgrades Aren't Approved

Take a look at these 3 common obstacles to getting the right energy efficiency projects approved, and how to overcome them!

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3 Benefits of Specifying Established Branded Nylon for Carpet

Know what you're getting when you choose branded nylon for your facility's carpet. 

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The Challenges of Security in Office Environments

Office security is crucial to proper operations – take a look at this industry advice that can help you beef up your facility protection. 

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LED Controls – System Compatibility, Performance, and Dimming Range

Learn more about the right practices for LED controls in your facility. 

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5 Ways Glass Rainscreens Can Benefit Your Building

Learn how glass rainscreens could benefit your building's operations. 

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