Editorial Submissions

Guidelines for Editorial Submissions

This quick overview will acquaint you with BUILDINGS content, its readers, and their professional interests. For examples of our coverage and content, please visit www.BUILDINGS.com.

Editorial Mission

BUILDINGS helps facilities professionals to make smarter, more cost-effective decisions. BUILDINGS supplies information on best practices, critical issues, building systems, energy, sustainability, and new technology.


BUILDINGS Media serves an audience of building owners and facility management professionals. These professionals have mid- and upper-level executive titles and an average of 17 years of experience in the industry. They manage, operate, modernize and construct a range of buildings, including offices, schools and higher education, healthcare, government and public, industrial, hospitality, retail, and multifamily. Collectively, BUILDINGS’ audience is responsible for 4.4 million buildings in North America.

Topic Focus

BUILDINGS content is primarily staff-written but submitted information is evaluated by the editors for its value to the audience. Such information may be used in articles with appropriate attribution to the source. The editorial staff considers information on the following topics:

  • Issues directed at building owners and facility managers in North America
  • Issues relevant to existing buildings, including retrofits, maintenance and modernization
  • Solution-based content, such as tips and tricks
  • Story pitches based on our editorial calendar (http://marketing.buildings.com)
  • New construction but only with an eye to issues involving maintenance and operation

Because our readers are not involved in the following areas, we generally do not wish to receive:

  • Information on the residential market, with the exception of multifamily buildings
  • International news unrelated to the North American market
  • Real estate market updates or construction updates
  • Internal company-related news, including promotions, hires, website updates, and mergers/acquisitions

Pitch Process

If you have an online article you would like to pitch and you think it falls in line with editorial content found in the BUILDINGS brand, please read the following before contacting us.

Pitches should briefly explain:

  • What the article is about
  • Why you are qualified to write the article
  • Relevance to facilities managers

We only accept articles that are original and previously unpublished, and must be strategic and informative in nature. Content can’t include brand or company names but your name, title and organization can be included in your bio (1-3 sentences) you provide at the end of the article. Claims should have citation for reference, although they might not be published. We have the right to decline a pitch due to time and space limitations, or if something similar has previously been published.

Once a pitch is accepted, the editor will work with you to determine an exact word count (articles are typically 300 to 1,000 words) and deadline. Articles should be written in third person. We reserve the right to edit for content, style (BUILDINGS and AP), clarity and grammar, and have the final say on headlines.

We would also be interested in any high-resolution images (300 dpi, minimum 8” x 11”) you own and have the right to distribute that would go with the article. Images need photo credit (for legal purposes, so please properly verify) and captions. Please include the name of the image with the caption.

Once we determine a publication date, we will send you the information. There is no compensation for published articles, but we will link to you in your bio and can include your social handles when promoting content.

BUILDINGS media is not liable for any incorrect facts provided to us as part of submitted materials nor for obtaining any copyright permissions. Please ensure your copy is factual and that all images have been approved for use in our publication.

New Product Information

New product information for our print and digital publications can be submitted here. Products should be pertinent to commercial buildings and/or facility management and operations. Product highlights of approximately 50 words are written by the editorial staff from submitted press releases. All product submissions must have a photo with 300-dpi resolution at 3x2 inches in JPEG format. Product shots are typically preferable to an application shot.

Submission Information

Topic of the intended article.
Allowed extensions (pdf,rtf,odt,docx,doc,dot,txt)
Allowed extensions (jpg,jpeg,png,tiff,gif)