Achieve Better Chiller Control


Is your HVAC system using too much energy? Chillers are a great place to start looking for efficiency opportunities, and today there are more control choices than ever. Learn how to drive down your HVAC system’s energy consumption while improving comfort and occupant satisfaction with optimization technology, control and automation options, and smart energy management strategies.

Course Tuition: Free

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the most common sources of energy waste in chillers.
  • Learn about optimization strategies that can improve comfort and save energy.
  • See the control and automation options and learn how to determine which is best for your building.
  • Develop better energy management strategies.

From our sponsor:

Brant Holeman

Project Engineer
RTM Engineering Consultants

Brant holds 12+ years of experience in designing mechanical systems for new construction and renovation projects, including extensive evaluations of existing buildings. As a Commissioning Authority and LEED AP, he specializes in commissioning and energy modeling, working closely with facility staff, managers, designers, engineers, vendors, and contractors to set goals and verify their achievements from the early planning stages through the life of a facility. His expertise includes developing an owner’s project requirements, identifying key design criteria, documenting issues and their resolutions during the design and construction of the project, testing the performance of building systems, and verifying the overall quality of the building delivery process.