Air Curtains: Energy Savings & Occupant Comfort

Energy ManagementAIA BOC BOMI

In this course learn how air curtains contribute to occupant comfort, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality when the door is open. It will discuss how air curtains work, applications, controls, and how to select and install. This course also reviews how air curtains improve whole building energy efficiency versus conventional methods.

Course Tuition: Free

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the components, function, and operation of an air curtain
  • Evaluate air curtain design criteria
  • Explore the benefits of air curtains and their impact on whole building energy use
  • Specify the right air curtain and controls to achieve optimal air curtain effects for environmental separation
  • Identify relevant industry building codes and testing standards
  • Refer to case studies to illustrate the efficiency of air curtains for energy savings, climate separation, and comfortable air temperature

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