Building Science & Energy Auditing Fundamentals

Energy ManagementAIA BOC BOMI

This 2-hour course provides a comprehensive overview of residential building system basics and energy auditing principles. The program begins with an introduction to the fundamental energy and science concepts that shape the performance and analysis of buildings. It then proceeds to a discussion of testing and improving energy efficiency of buildings, considering the building structure, design, and heating, cooling, and water systems. Participants will also learn about the process of performing an energy audit and potential strategies for addressing inefficiencies.

Course Tuition: $45

Learning Objectives:

  • Obtain an in-depth look at buildings and their systems.
  • Comprehend fundamentals of energy and building science calculations.
  • Know the processes and tools used to analyze a building’s systems for efficiency measurements.
  • Understand strategies and processes to improve residential building system efficiencies.

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