Change Management: Convincing Leadership to Adopt Alternative Procurement

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Approved for continuing education credits.

You’re supposed to manage your organization’s facilities, its largest asset, with as few resources as possible. Your buildings and infrastructure age, your deferred maintenance backlog grows and your budget shrinks, yet you’re expected to keep your facilities operating as well as the day they opened. So how do you do it all with less?

Innovative procurement methods and technology can streamline your processes, maximize your resources and improve your efficiency. That sounds great but changing procurement methods requires changing your organization’s culture. That’s a huge challenge. It’s hard to reverse years of practice or to make a case for more resources to senior leadership in a way they understand. Yet facilities managers have done it successfully. Now is your chance to learn how.

In this presentation, you will gain insights into current trends affecting facilities managers and hear how organizations are maximizing resources with innovative procurement strategies. Discover how facilities professionals are drastically cutting project timelines by changing how they buy construction services and using best practices to save significant financial resources.

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Learning Objectives:

View this webinar to gain tips and best practices to:

  • Align your facility initiatives with your organization’s goals
  • Engage executive management and get its support
  • Discover strategies to save time and money on facility updates and maintenance
  • Learn how your peers are doing more with less

From Our Partner


Mike Derr

Contracts/Purchasing Officer/Fleet Business Manager
County of Monterey, CA

As the Contracts/Purchasing Officer (CPO) & Fleet Business Manager (FBM) for the County of Monterey, Michael has the direct responsibility for the overall progress and development of both the Contracts/Purchasing Office and Fleet Management Operations. As the Contracts/Purchasing Officer Michael has the direct responsibility of providing service to the entire County, ensuring that both internal and external parties having been delegated the roles and responsibilities to act on behalf of the County when procuring goods and or services for their designated departments are doing so in both a fiscal and ethical manner. The decentralized/centralized structure of the County requires a high level of support and oversight to ensure that all federal, state and local laws as well as local County policies and procedures are adhered to. As the CPO for the County, Michael has been able to ensure that the Contracts/Purchasing division continues to strive in being a leading factor in the industry by ensuring that his support staff remains efficient in Contracting and Negotiating Terms and Conditions, Cost and Financing Terms, Identifying Market Sources, Developing Supplier Relationships and Sourcing Opportunities.

David Velarde

Vice President of Operations

Dave Velarde has worked in the construction industry for 32 years, gaining experience in all phases of construction from planning, estimating, procurement and construction management. As a seasoned Vice President of Operations for Gordian, he is passionate about advancing the acceptance and usage of Job Order Contracting. Outside of the office, Dave enjoys volunteering, traveling and exploring new foodie experiences.

Andy Hurd

Director of Facilities
Randolph Township Schools

The Randolph Board of Education appointed Andrew Hurd as the Director of Facilities in October 2015, after Hurd served as the district’s chief of facilities for Randolph Township Schools for three years. Prior to that, Andy served as the chief of grounds for almost 21 years and was a groundskeeper for four years. In Fall 2015, the Randolph Education Foundation recognized him as the Administrator of the Year in it’s Randolph Rock Stars program. Andy is a certified educational facilities manager and serves as the integrated pest manager coordinator for the school district. He has studies landscape management and design, construction and construction management at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.