Creating Productive, Connected Outdoor Spaces with Access to Permanent Power

Energy ManagementAIA BOMI

Electrical systems that deliver access to permanent power and enable device connectivity are critical components of the design and operation of high performance buildings. Today’s mobile technology means people can connect and move freely between the indoors and outdoors, and integrate their social and work lives, anytime, anywhere. This course examines permanent outdoor power delivery offerings , including charging stations and in ground power boxes, that support the growing demand for connectivity and data and audio visual communications in outdoor spaces and help to create an outdoor environment that promotes longer stays, stimulates creativity, and increases productivity.

Course Tuition: Free

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain how mobile technology is changing the way people work and use space
  • Discuss how access to permanent power outdoors encourages social engagement and promotes the health/well-being of employees/visitors to spaces away from the main building system in accordance with CSI 3-Part Master Specification - Section 07 72 00.
  • Describe the operation of mobile device charging stations and identify their features and accessory options
  • Demonstrate the functionality of an outdoor ground box, including its ability to provide year round access to permanent, safe electrical power while blending into the landscape
  • Compare the safety and reliability of customary methods of providing access to power outdoors to that of today’s offerings
  • Summarize the electrical code and general construction requirements relevant to permanent outdoor power products

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