Five Trends Transforming the Office Space & the Impact on Your Bottom Line

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As new technologies are emerging and consumer preferences are changing, the building and facilities management landscape has seen a transformation. Consumers now expect companies to address social and environmental issues, offer mobile and flexible workspaces, have shared collaborative layouts, showcase premium amenities and provide healthier environments to promote well-being. All while making sure that the office space is offered at an affordable but realistic price per square foot.

This course will explore the top five trends currently transforming the office space, as well as provide building managers with ways to incorporate these trends while meeting financial goals.

Course Tuition: Free

Learning Objectives:

  • Attendees will learn the top five trends transforming the office space and how these trends impact buildings management, including:
  • How current trends, including green and sustainable initiatives, impact the perceived value of real estate and office space
  • Ways companies can update their space to increase occupancy rates and attract the millennial workforce
  • How densification is driving building design to maximize efficiencies and elevate the tenant experience
  • How cutting edge technologies and amenities can be implemented into the work space

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Darrin Squires

National Account Manager

Darin Squires is the office building expert at GP PRO. He oversees the strategic direction of the company’s office building segment, including REITS, property management companies and building service contractors. Darin began his career at Georgia-Pacific in 1994 as a local sales professional. He joined the national account team in 2006 and took on a more strategic role for new product development in 2016. His 23+ years of office building and real estate industry knowledge is invaluable for new product go-to-market strategies like the GP PRO interconnected dispensing platform. Darin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economic Development and Real Estate from the University of Arizona. He resides in Denver, CO.