How Intelligent Facilities are Enabling Productivity Through Conference Reservation Software

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According to ServiceNow, almost 70 percent of managers say manual processes leave them less time to devote towards strategic initiatives. One of the processes that we continue to learn about through our conversations with prospects is the inability to quickly and effectively schedule meetings. Struggling to find the right meeting space can waste valuable time and leave employees frustrated with the work environment, greatly affecting productivity. Facilities management, operations leaders, and general affairs managers must learn to quickly address the issues that legacy scheduling systems and processes create so employees aren’t vulnerable to bottlenecks and declining productivity. 

When the pressure is on to lead organizational change to streamline operations and increase overall efficiency, organizations need a conference room scheduling solution that solves current productivity issues without creating new ones. With cloud-based conference room scheduling software, employees, from any location, can reserve meetings in real-time. By instituting an intuitive, seamless scheduling process, organizations can transform the workplace culture into an exceptionally productive environment that enables employees to reach their objectives.

Samsung SDS America, along with, invite you to join us on May 23, 2019, when we will be presenting an educational course for facilities, operations, and general affairs managers to learn how to effectively streamline the conference room reservation process.

Course Tuition: Free

Learning Objectives:

  • How to improve the workplace culture with intelligent facilities management
  • Find bottlenecks and areas of friction in your current scheduling system process
  • Create a more connected, seamless user experience to enable productivity

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